Bass Drum Sound: ‘Snappy’ or ‘Deep’?

If you love drums and you’re experienced with drum recording (or live sound) this “debate” might be an interesting point for you.
The evolution of bass drum recording is nearly a 100 years old and probably cannot be covered in a single blog post, but there is some basic ‘philosophy’ that can be divided to A and B. Lets break it down. Continue reading

Basalt - Noam Yadgar

Jazz Music to Break the Silence Gap

Tune4media presents a new project by Noam Yadgar, featuring new Jazz with lots of flavors.
“Jazz music to break the silence gap” is an updating, streaming project that runs over the web. This isn’t exactly an album, more like a living project with new releases every now and then.
Hope you’ll enjoy listening some of the stuff from this project:

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