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Hi my name is Noam Yadgar, the creator of tune4media. tune4media is a small boutique recording studio, started in a small room, 10 years ago and then officially became “tune4media” about 3 years ago. At first, the idea was to create a place for the indie media industry where they can get licensed music to their projects. While this is still one of the specialties in the studio, tune4media evolved so much more then that and now, tune4media is a full-time working studio, with more musicians, lots of projects and a cool art and music production blog that provides some kind of a frame to hold all of those projects. Filled with tutorials, reviews and off course, original music!

Studio Projects

Some of our studio projects:

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tube mp

ART’s Tube preamp review

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The TUBE MP preamp by ART, is definitely a very useful unit to control your sound in both live situations and studio environment.

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Are social networks ‘followers’ audience?

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Most of us, musicians want to be popular. Since social networking has start dominate our global communication, we had become a ‘Likes’ hunters, fed by followers all over the web. But how ‘real’ the people who are interested in our music around the internet compared to those who are connected with us in the physical […]

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