Hi, my name is Noam Yadgar, I’m a musician, producer and the founder of tune4media, which is a small boutique studio located outside Jerusalem, Israel. I work as a music producer, session musician and performer, doing my own music projects (such as Snare My Bass) and a music educator. I pretty much breath music 24/7.
Let me tell you about tune4media: A small recording studio, responsible for a few great productions (such as Magnetic Field, The Planemos, Oriyah Miller and more.) tune4media provides a cool musical playground for me and a number of musicians.

Besides exploring and having the best time in the studio, tune4media is also a “music for film/video” kind of studio, responsible for some cool soundtracks around the web.
tune4media is a lot of things, from a regular working studio, to services such as “long distance-bass player״, original music for your video productions, blog with reviews and tutorials and the list goes on and on.

If you’d like to make contact, please click the “contact” button or send an email to:
info@tune4media.com and I will replay as soon as I can!

(English & Hebrew)