Making a BASS GUITAR – Week 6

We are back to a fully intensive hard working week! Really great progress this week.. routing, sanding and painting! Lets start. Routing cavity The reason that it’s “cavity” and not “cavities” is because I’ve decided to go for a single pickup/electronics cavity (with 2 levels inside) Again, this was routed free-hand…I rout the pickup level […]

Making a BASS GUITAR – Week 4

This week was interesting, because my orders started to arrive, first four holes in the guitar body, tuning machines and some paint adjusting. Bridge & Neck-plate have arrived! Obviously, the bridge isn’t attached yet (will be at the very end, for precise measurement) I was ready to drill the first 4 holes in the body, […]

Making a BASS GUITAR – Week 3

I just wanna start by saying that even if it looks like I know what I’m doing, I’m making mistakes all the time :) This is my first try, I’m not a professional carpenter and I’m using pretty basic hand-tools and small power mobile tools. Since I’m still waiting for more accessories to come and […]

Fretless bass conversion: Maker’s notes

If you followed me since my last video, when I showed you how I converted this bass into a Fretless, you may be interested in my new video, because this is some kind of an “update” or “extra details” about my bass and this subject. If you’re on your way of converting your own bass […]

Cee Lo Green – Fuck You (Live Cover)

I’ve never said this blog is politically correct :) Releasing our new cover for Fuck You by Cee Lo Green, we’ve decided to perform with the original version and not the “Clean” version (Forget You) because compromising on the clean version to fit a larger audience feels like we’re sucking the venom out of this […]

How to tune the drums: The melodic way

People are experimenting with drum tuning since the dawn of early civilizations, so the issue of drum tuning is something that can probably fill an entire library. If we’re focusing on the modern drum-kit, there are still countless methods and techniques. After studying and experimenting for years (like a lot of music producers out there), […]

The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (Live Cover)

So here’s a new cover we’ve made for Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. This time, taking our live- music production to an alternative direction (regarding to arrangement) Using nothing but Bass, Snare drum and a dry Lemon :) Oh.. and off course our vocals.                   […]