Basalt – Noam Yadgar

“Basalt (once was lava) known for being a hard, light and dark rock.
Its common “spongy”, “vesicular” texture is caused by trapped gasses during the hardening of the rock from lava.
Lava can get hot, up to 1200 Celsius and flow at a speed up to 50/60kph! while flowing down the volcano mountain, the lava is slowing down and forming into Basalt rock and will finally stop and remain a frozen picture.”

Max4Live – Launchpad Preset Recaller

This Max for Live device is based on Kapture by Plastikman & Liine, Which brilliantly snapshots presets, basically from every parameter within the mixer channels of Live. (If like me, you’re new to Max, check it out!)

So the Launchpad Preset Recaller, is basically Kapture but with an integration with Novation Launchpad (specifically, I programed it with Launchpad S, but I guess it supposed to work with others) Please feel free to share an opinion and new ideas to make it better!

You can download the preset here for free.

Noam Yadgar

Snare My Bass

smb1Meet Snare My Bass, a very unique and funky trio constructed from a Bass player (Noam Yadgar), a lead singer (Olga Polotsky) and a percussionist (Ilia Gorovitz).

Snare My Bass or SMB, is a cool cover band from Israel, performing with great twists for every song and awesome vibe each show. Making song covers from the classics all the way to updated pop music. With rich vocal harmonies and Funky-Jazzy kind of punch, you just can’t go wrong. Lots of Bass, lots of energy, everything about SMB is just groovy!

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