Snare My Bass

smb1Meet Snare My Bass, a very unique and funky trio constructed from a Bass player (Noam Yadgar), a lead singer (Olga Polotsky) and a percussionist (Ilia Gorovitz).

Snare My Bass or SMB, is a cool cover band from Israel, performing with great twists for every song and awesome vibe each show. Making song covers from the classics all the way to updated pop music. With rich vocal harmonies and Funky-Jazzy kind of punch, you just can’t go wrong. Lots of Bass, lots of energy, everything about SMB is just groovy!

Snare My Bass is one of the main productions of tune4media, focusing mostly on live sessions, rehearsals, live music videos and live shows around the country. SMB is simply all fun!3_1

You can watch SMB’s entire YouTube video list here.
If you’d like to make contact with the band (Questions, booking info, etc.)
you can go to SMB’s Facebook page and send a massage.
Or you can send an email to: and info@tune4media.com12105715_1650963258502094_5856821338660272631_n


See you next time!