Max4Live – Launchpad Preset Recaller

This Max for Live device is based on Kapture by Plastikman & Liine, Which brilliantly snapshots presets, basically from every parameter within the mixer channels of Live. (If like me, you’re new to Max, check it out!)

So the Launchpad Preset Recaller, is basically Kapture but with an integration with Novation Launchpad (specifically, I programed it with Launchpad S, but I guess it supposed to work with others) Please feel free to share an opinion and new ideas to make it better!

You can download the preset here for free.

Noam Yadgar

3 Replies to “Max4Live – Launchpad Preset Recaller”

  1. Hi!
    Nice job.
    Maybe you could create some momentary button to delete snapshots (click delete + click snapshot pad)
    Another feature would be to recall last selected snapshot on deletion.
    I will try to have a look to the code this week if you agree.